Become a Sponsor

The Hastings Tennis and Squash club has a proud 102 year history with several National and Regional championship titles to it’s name.

Our membership at it’s highest was over 1000 members and it’s lowest point was just below 100, but through the work of dedicated Committees and volunteers we have seen that membership rise to be 350+ at present. Both sports are enjoying excellent media coverage at the present time and we think this will translate to see our membership and tournament numbers rise in the future.

With 5 outdoor Tennis courts and 5 Squash courts available to both our members and casual players, plus all the others who come to our Club to play Tournaments, Inter-club or socially, we think the opportunity for the exposure of your business is one that should not be missed.

Finally we are offering a number of new Sponsorship Packages to fit with the budgets of various business’ in the hope that we can create a partnership that benefits both our Club and your business to it’s greatest potential.

If you would like to become a sponsor please contact Darryn Turley on 021 545 437 or the club President, Ray Fyfe on 027 246 8262

Thanks again for taking the time to look these proposals

Sponsors package (open to view PDF document)