New members are very welcome, if you would like to have a couple of goes before you decide to join, you can use our Pay2Play system. Go to and choose our venue.

If you would like to join our club choose your subscription category from the listed below and then click on the REQUEST MEMBERSHIP button below. Note new annual memberships are now on the anniversary of joining. Payments can be made via credit card however incur a 2.5% surcharge.

Annual subs are due to be paid the 1st of November. See below for payment details, those who are new to the club this year and have already paid are all sorted. This applies to current members only. 2018-19 SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE DUE BY 1st November 2018

Pay your sub* online please to keep our Treasurer sane.

Account number: 03-0642-0021938-003
Include your surname and “subs” in the Reference field

Your existing door code will roll over for 2018 but expire if your subscription is not renewed


Senior Tennis $240.00

Senior Squash $240.00

Senior Combined $310.00

Senior Gold Card Tennis $210.00

Senior Gold Card Squash $210.00

Senior Gold Card Combined $270.00

Junior Squash (under 19) $105.00

Junior Tennis (under 19) $105.00

Junior Combined (under 19) $130.00

Family Squash (2 Senior & 2 Junior) $525.00

Family Tennis (2 Senior & 2 Junior) $525.00

Family Combined  (2 Senior & 2 Junior) $700.00

Corporate : By negotiation