Membership Rules

Hastings Tennis and Squash Club Inc.
611 Whitehead Road, Hastings, Tel 06 8782333,
Email: Web:


  • An appropriate standard of dress is required in the club at all times. Correct court attire for the sport, including non marking shoes for Squash, must be worn on the court at all times. Members are asked to adhere to these standards and may request that others, both Members and Visitors, do the same.
  • Use of a court is only guaranteed by Pre-Booking the court on the Console, or online at Pay 2 Play. Continued failure to then use a Pre-Booked court without good reason may result in Disciplinary action.
  • Usage of door code or user details should only be used by the owner and not passed to another
  • Concurrent booking (double bookings) are not allowed to allow other members a change to play. If after the time slot starts the court is available members present can then book that court.
  • An appropriate standard of behavior is required for all persons within the club. This includes Members, their visitors and their Family and these persons are the responsibility of the Member they have come with.
  • Mis-use of Club Facilities, Vandalism, Theft and Violence, both actual and/or implied, may result in the Termination of Membership. Termination will be decided by the Executive Committee at the next possible opportunity.
  • Any damage to Club property is to be reported as soon as possible to an Executive Committee member. This includes damage caused by a Members Visitor. The cost of repairs may be passed to the Member if deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee.
  • Members are not permitted to lock the external doors open at any time without permission of the appropriate persons.
  • Club security remains the responsibility of all Members. The last Member left is to check all external doors are locked, and the main power, next to the Whitehead Rd door, is off.
  • Continued breaking of the Club rules will result in Disciplinary action. This may include Warnings, Probation, Suspension and /or Termination of Membership.
  • Where membership subscriptions are being renewed & being paid off, the member’s card will not be activated until full payment has been completed. A/P’s must be completed within 3 months.
  • Refund of membership money will be at the discretion of the Executive Committee. Refunds may only be made under extenuated circumstances.